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Anja has worked freelance with me for 5 years now and I would recommend her without a moment's hesitation. Her work is not only precise, accurate and thoroughly researched, it is also rendered with the kind of flair that one rarely encounters in the field of translation. Her attention to detail and methodical, meticulous approach are incomparable, with the result that she consistently ensures accuracy of content, register and nuance. Her sheer professionalism and proficiency alone are enough to make her stand out in what is a very competitive field. She is a master of her craft and a pleasure to work with.

Mo Williams, MW Translations


Mit Frau Weggel hat man stets eine nette und freundliche Partnerin in Sachen Übersetzung/Textbearbeitung. Die Arbeiten werden schnell und immer pünktlich abgeliefert, ohne dass weiterer Aufwand durch Nachbearbeitung entsteht.

Darius Chromik, Übersetzungscenter Fulda


Weitere Referenzen finden Sie auf meinem Proz-Profil.

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